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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

My granddaughter Gabriella Montero is loving to listen podcasts when overnighting with "abita" (me).

Ear Snacks with Andrew & Polly

Gaby my granddaughter and I have been listening several Ear-Snacks podcast. Our favorite ones so far have been Episode 16, 17 and 18, which are Animal Teeth, Taking Care of Teeth and Human Teeth (which have been very helpful at night time when Gaby gets impossible while I’m teaching her to brush her teeth with her electric toothbrush). She now sings the songs of those particular 3 podcasts, but we’re moving to others, like the Lion’s Whisker.

We’re delighted with this episode about overcoming frustration and impatience with courage, understanding, and a little magic, but I loved that there’s a grandma. Andrew & Polly are really great!

Dream Big is another favorite of this household:

I'm listening to podcast for adults as well. Latino issues, race, gender, agriculture, sustainable living... all those topics are of my interest.

This American Life:

Serial, Season 3, 1 and 2:

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