(click on arrow to see video of me dancing in Jos Van Dyke, BVI)

Hurricane Maria has devastated the British Virgin Islands. Climate change hits the Caribbean again, and it's nothing we can do but to adapt and mitigate the effects of the extreme weather. It was sad to see how many of the natural sceneries we enjoyed in our latest press trip disappeared. But our Caribbean people are resilient, and many Caribbean islands were there to help in a catastrophic situation which left with homes flattened, communities left with no power, sanitation or water.

Little by little, the BVI are recovering the old splendor.



Today we want to show a little of what visitors can find besides beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels and resorts; the warmth of its people. Here in this short video we, Bill and me enjoy the culture, the music and the hospitality of a local tourism driver and his little girl. The beauty of Jos Van Dyke Island will come next, as we explored the vegetation-covered sugar mill ruins; the old trails that crisscross the island, and the gastronomy. The British Virgin Islands is a paradise, or many paradises under one flag. We just love the BVI!

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