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Yndiana Montes Fogelquist


Yndiana Montes Fogelquist  (she/her/hers)  

Cel: (910) 4706622 


Appalachian State University Master of Arts in Romance Languages, 2024- Present

Concentration: Spanish

Master of Arts in Appalachian Studies, 2021- May 2024 

Concentration: Sustainability in Appalachia  

● 3.97 GPA  

Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Development, 2017-2021  

Concentration: Environmental Studies  

● Minor: Media  

● 3.83 GPA  

Cape Fear Community College, Wilmington, NC 

Associate of Arts, May 2016  

Laguna Blanca School, Santa Barbara, CA  

High School Diploma, June 1975 


Appalachian Studies Association  

Internship, Fall 2023 to present  

  • Creator of social media content  

  • Developed content in Spanish for the Appalachian Studies Association website and social  media platforms  

  • Translator of content from/to English or Spanish for website

  • Created primary spanish content for website 

  • Published Writer 


Appalachian State University  

Social Media Manager, Center of Appalachian Studies  

Spring 2021 to present  

Visite North Carolina, 2013-Present  

Wilmington, North Carolina, and Boone, North Carolina  

Social Media Director 

  • Creates social media accounts on various websites  

  • Maintains social media on various platforms  

SOLO CARIBE INC., 2006-2022 

President and CEO of an independent professional media company  

  • Created social media content for clients internationally 

  • Developed content for tourism destinations  

  • Translated content English / Spanish, Spanish / Portuguese  

  • Wrote press releases in various languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese)  

  • Provided closed captioning in destination videos 

  •  Produced videos for popular tourism destinations  

  • Attended International tourism fairs across South America representing officially Islands  and Caribbean resorts  

Finn Partners, 2009-2021 

  • Tourism Consultant for the Latin American Media 

  • Travel & LifeStyle Department, NYC.  

Half Moon Hotel, 1999-2010  

  • Rose Hall, Jamaica  

  • Public Relations Representative for Latin America  ● Worked directly with press and travel agencies to promote hotel  


Tourism & Industrial Development of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (TIDCO), 2000-2006  Official Representative for South America  

  • Represented TIDCO at trade shows, worked directly with the Embassy   

  • Produced videos for South America on behalf of TIDCO  

Holiday Inn Sunspree Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Aruba, 2006-2009  

Public Relations for Latin America  

  • Worked directly with the Latin American media to promote hotel  

Caribbean Adventures C.A., 1982-2009  

Caracas, Venezuela  

President and CEO  

  • Developed content for tourism destinations  

  • Helped to promote various global destinations  


Arnold Shultz Fund Scholarship (IBMA Foundation)

Studies 2024

William C. Lindley, Jr. Memorial Scholarship for the Center for Appalachian Studies 2023  Appalachian Studies, Department Interdisciplinary Studies  

Appalachian State University


Arthel (Doc) Watson Endowed Scholarship for Traditional Mountain Music 2023  Appalachian Studies, Department Interdisciplinary Studies  

Appalachian State University 

Dr. Carl A. and Charlotte Ross Scholarship for Appalachian Studies 2022  Appalachian Studies, Department Interdisciplinary Studies  

Appalachian State University  

Lou and Alice Winokur Scholarship Endowment for Appalachian Studies 2022  Appalachian Studies, Department Interdisciplinary Studies  

Appalachian State University


Excellence in Communicating Sustainable Development,

May 2021  Sustainable Development Department, College of Fine and Applied Arts  

Appalachian State University  

The Goodnight Brothers Scholarship in Sustainable Agriculture Award, 2020 Sustainable Development Department, College of Fine and Applied Arts  

Appalachian State University  

The Jerry Award, 2010, Caribbean Tourism Organization, NYC  

Star Journalist of Aruba, 2004 and 2005, Aruba Tourism Authority, Aruba  “Huésped Distinguida” (Distinguished Guest), 1998, Santo Domingo City, Dominican Republic  Certificate of Recognition, 1997, Jamaica Tourism Board, Kinston, Jamaica  




English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Papiamento  


• Multilingual leader  

• Video and digital editing with all Adobe platforms  

• Video production  

• Confidence in the production of content in Portuguese and Spanish  

• Creative content and consistent quality translation  

• Strategic planning, leveraging technology and digital solutions to drive business growth  • Building, managing, motivating, and directing a multidisciplinary team of writers and translators  • Multi-management capabilities  

• Time management  

• Team management and Leadership  

• Managing, teaching & mentoring skills 

• Detail-oriented  

• Marketing & product development  

• Project Management & Editorial Management  

• Arenas: Sustainable Development, Major News, Travel & Tourism, Media, Features  International expertise especially in Latin America 


Social Media Manager for the Sustainable Development Department, 2017 to present  


High Country Conversational Spanish Meetup, 2023 to present  

Monthly meetings to speak in Spanish (specially designed for Americans in the High Country interested  in learning to talk fluently in Spanish.) 

Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture, 2017 to present  

Helping with the Spanish-speaking markets, producing videos, and providing coverage on social media  in Spanish  


"Everybody Loves Maako" documentary: 

Screened at: Boone Docs Film Festival, Rural Film Festival (Blacksburg, Virginia). Appalachian Studies  Association Conference 2024, High Country Humanities event.  

High Country Humanities article: world 

Links to videos created for Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture: Founding Mothers (Founding  Mothers) (voice over) (voice over) (voice and edition)  PUBLISHED WORK 

MyPortfolio in ASA for the International Mountain Day: 

Las Danzas Tradicionales Apalaches 

Glitter Lady article against-microplastics 

Everybody Loves Maako Documentary 

Otto Wood, El Bandido 

Como me convertí el activista en contra del MVP 


● Conducted the Latin American campaign for the only certified carbon-neutral resort in The  Caribbean: Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort of Aruba, which just won the United Nations 2020  Climate Neutral Now Award. 

● Member of the Board of Directors of the Thalian Hall, Wilmington, NC  

Prior to Covid-19 pandemic, member of the Wedding Committee of the Arboretum (part of the  NC State Extension), also in Wilmington, NC  

● With the threat of Covid-19, started the podcast “El Mundo del Turismo” (English Translation:  “The World of Tourism”) an online radio show, transmitted on Saturdays in 2020 through the  most important online reggae platform in Latin America: Pelagatos Reggae, 


(Latin Reggae and Music has11.954 followers)  



Twitter/ X: @VisiteNC 





I promote square dances, Old-time music, bluegrass, and academic events related to Appalachian history and culture. My goal is for the Spanish-speaking population to learn about the local people and culture. I  myself participate in the dances and work along with important organizations and promoters here in  Appalachia, such as Mountain Home Music.  



Twitter: @Applatinx  


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