Meet the face
behind the posts

I am Yndiana Montes, a Venezuelan-American journalist, living now in Boone, North Carolina. I've been a travel writer for more than 30 years. Venezuela was so close to the Dutch-speaking Caribbean that I started covering tourism issues for these Islands first, and then in the Anglo-speaking Caribbean. From Aruba to Jamaica, I realized they were like home to me.

I founded the company SoloCaribe Inc. in 1990 to organize a number of activities, including my participation in trade shows, conferences, press trips, dive-press trips; and then creating news letters, websites, developing content, translating and disseminating press materials . . .  All of there to promote the Caribbean in Latin America, including Brazil. Sustainable tourism have been my specialization: the natural beauties, traditions, best practices, conservation initiatives, and how climate change is affecting the tourism sector.

Throughout the years, I received many awards and acknowledgments from organizations such as the Jerry Award of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA), and most recently some for promoting Sustainable Development.

Currently, I continue expanding SoloCaribe Inc. and enjoying new challenges: managing a news tourism initiative Visite North Carolina, and after concluding my Master's degree in Sustainable Development and Media at Appalachian State University, I'm getting ready for my master's degree. "El saber no quita espacio".

In this, my personal website, I sharing with you a vast array of interests:  the diverse reports, papers, news, pictures, videos, and podcasts, new tourism projects, and everything I love about sustainable living.

As a writer and communication specialist, I am working on promoting sustainable and environmental tourism, and supporting innovative and responsible communities, which worried about the climate change effects.

Thanks for joining me in my daily life and adventures!


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