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I am Yndiana Montes, a Venezuelan-American journalist, living in Wilmington, North Carolina. I've been a travel writer for more than 25 years. In the ninety’s decade, I used to report for a Venezuelan newspaper, covering tourism issues in the Caribbean region from Aruba to Jamaica, Saint Martin, and the Dominican Republic, among others islands.

I founded the company SoloCaribe Inc. (Only the Caribbean) in 1990 to organize a number of activities, including my participation in trade shows, conferences, regional media and tourism companies for promoting in Latin America the natural beauties, traditions, best practices, initiatives and amazing people from the Caribbean tourism sector.

Throughout the years, I received many awards and acknowledgments from organizations such as the Jerry Award of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA).

Currently, I continue expanding SoloCaribe Inc. and enjoying new challenges: managing a news tourism initiative Visite North Carolina, and concluding my Master's degree in Sustainable Development and Media at Appalachian State University.

With this website, I would like to share with you the diverse reports, papers, news, pictures, videos, and podcasts that I am producing for my Master's program and for my new tourist project dedicated to Wilmington and North Carolina.

As a writer and communication specialist, I am working on promoting sustainable and environmental tourism, and supporting innovative and responsible communities worried about climate change effects.

Thanks for joining me in this new adventure!

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