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Oh Sacred Herbs!

Herbs at the Appalachian State Sustainable Development Farm last summer

Oh sacred herbs that nurture

my body and soul

Oh infusions, teas and tinctures

lifesavers on turbulent waters

and winding roads

Oh Mother Nature my hips thank you

for the stinging needle

the taste so foul even with Stevia

but it lifts me up from the depression


Oh Valerian and St. John’s Wort

you two have been the perfect relief

for those long nights of rapid heart beating

future, extreme weather, climate change


Oh Camomile and Lavender!

without you two I would be in despair

perfect duo to soothe my soul

to calm the senses and feelings


Oh Lemon Balm I adore you .

when sipping my organic honey infusion

In my artisan made mug

I'm filled with joy and I feel immensely rich


Oh Mint and Rosemary

how could I deal with numbers and equations

and remain awake in class

I must confess I can’t focus without you


Oh sweet or pungent smells and flavors

Tulsi and Astragalus

as you leave your earthy home

I bless the raise coming from above


Oh my flowering herb tea

the miracle of today’s finest infusion

my senses open while the flower expands

in my crystal-clear teapot at sunset



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